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5 Jul 2019

CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan’s Open Letter

5 Jul 2019

Dear Students, Colleagues and Alumni,

We are all saddened and distressed by the recent conflicts, confrontations, and precipitating confidence crisis in our city. If unchecked, the social rift would only widen further until it is beyond repair.   

To navigate out of the present impasse, it is imperative that all parties of the society have an open-mind in the pursuit of a way forward. I suggest the expeditious establishment of a platform acceptable to a large cross-section of the society for the purpose of enabling constructive and effective dialogues between the government and citizens from different age groups, social backgrounds, and political persuasions. I earnestly believe that such rational exchange of viewpoints and ideas will shed light on a way forward to put the society on the path of reconciliation.

The success of this platform depends critically on the open, honest, and committed engagement of all parties to the development of rational, pragmatic, and feasible solutions.  We must focus on how to progressively untangle Hong Kong from many deep-rooted challenges.

I have faith in the willingness of every member of the University community to work towards the rebuilding of our cherished home, and the welfare of its citizens, particularly the youth, who are the future of Hong Kong.  I am hopeful and confident of a bright tomorrow together.

Rocky S. Tuan