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17 Oct 2022

CUHK unveils refreshed brand identity

17 Oct 2022


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) today launched a brand refresh including a new look for the University logo, a tagline and an updated visual identity. Built on the University’s heritage, core values and vision for the future, the refreshed brand will be an essential part of CUHK’s fabric as it continues to play a leading role in Hong Kong’s higher education system, contributes to the nation, and sets its sights on the world. 

As part of the brand refresh, CUHK spent nearly a year listening to the views of a wide range of stakeholders including staff, students, alumni, Council members, the general public, as well as local, mainland and international partners. All in all, CUHK spoke to over 2,200 stakeholders and gathered rich insights to bring to life the unique essence of CUHK’s story in an authentic, unifying and powerful way. 

Inspired by the extraordinary bonds stakeholders from all walks of life have with CUHK and their collective commitment to making a positive difference to the community, CUHK created a tagline “Bond to be Boundless”, which underscores that CUHK is a cerebral gathering place that brilliant minds can always call home, and build lasting impact together.

The refreshed visual identity reflects CUHK’s forward momentum and aspirations to contribute to Hong Kong, the country and the world, now and in the future. Paying homage to the University’s heraldic roots and legacy, CUHK has refreshed its logo and visual identity with a more cohesive and contemporary expression.

It also marks the fourth refresh of CUHK’s emblem since the University’s establishment in 1963. Echoing the convergence of a diverse University community and its unity of purpose, the split colours were removed from the emblem, leading to a clearer, more distinctive and dynamic look of the mythical Chinese phoenix. These adjustments, along with a simplified emblem created for daily digital applications, will make the CUHK brand more distinctive and prominent across all platforms, especially in an increasingly mobile and digital-first world.

“Over the past six decades, CUHK has come a long way and is recognised today as a leading comprehensive research university in Asia and the world. As we prepare for the advent of our new ‘Jiazi’ (a sixty-year cycle), we have thought carefully with our stakeholders about the journey we have travelled and how we can build on our strong heritage to future-proof the CUHK brand over the decades to come,” Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President said.

“This brand refresh does justice to the University’s time-honoured heritage of ‘Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue’ and builds on our founding mission, while ensuring that we preserve this extraordinary legacy so that the CUHK brand is even more distinctive as it stands alongside some of the most iconic names in global higher education.”

“The brand refresh would not have been possible without the tremendous support of our community, and it is this sense of bonding that differentiates CUHK and makes us boundless across the domains of education, research, innovation and service. Together with our community, we are confident that CUHK can continue to expand its impact and make even greater contributions to the world. We believe that the refreshed CUHK brand will help to enhance our visibility and reputation, locally, nationally and globally.”

To introduce the refreshed brand, the University launched a microsite along with a video featuring staff, alumni and students perceptions of the refresh. An exhibition “Evolution of CUHK’s Emblem” will be held at the University Library starting from today to 4 December 2022. Please visit our website for details.