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4 Jan 2008

CUHK Top Scorer Wins Scholarship to Oxford

4 Jan 2008

KanChing-yeung, Karita, a final-year student at the Department of Philosophy, CUHK, is awarded with a scholarship to further her studies at the University of Oxford for a Master’s degree in politics in September this year.

Karita is a diligent and intelligent young woman who scored 8As in the HKCEE and was admitted to CUHK through the Early Admission Scheme. A philosophy major, Karita not only performs well academically, but also possesses multiple talents. She is a gifted English choral speaker, flautist, writer, and a dedicated volunteer, who has won a number of scholarships and awards on and off campus.

Karita is also an active member of her collegiate and hostel communities. She helps organize student activities, such as traditional Chinese festivals, Thousand-People Feast, and anniversary events for her college, New Asia. These activities encourage the development of her planning and organizational abilities and hone her interpersonal skills. Last year she studied politics at the University of Pennsylvania in the US on a one-year exchange programme. The experience brought her into contact with students from all over the world, gave her an international perspective, and unveiled a new direction for her future academic pursuits.

Karita is young and ambitious. She said, “CUHK professors enlighten me. These learned scholars share their life experiences with me and prompt me to reflect on the meaning of life and the problems facing our society. I’m deeply moved by their devotion and enthusiasm for humanity. Political science plays a pivotal role in improving people’s livelihoods in underdeveloped countries through studies of social and political policies. As such, it is a materialization of philosophers’ caring and loving spirit.”

“I’m honoured to be a CUHK student. My four-year studies at CUHK have improved my critical and independent thinking and given me balanced development. More importantly, they have shaped my academic interests and my future.”

Karita hopes to pursue a doctoral degree after completing her Master’s degree in politics. She wants to commit herself to education that improves people’s well-being. “I have developed a devotion to education – the result of years of influence from family members. Imparting knowledge is a holy mission. I hope to make good use of what I learned by contributing to the education of Hong Kong’s younger generations.”

Karita is the recipient of The Esther Yewpick Lee Millennium Scholarship, which sponsors an outstanding graduate of CUHK each year to study at the University of Oxford. Her $800,000 scholarship will cover tuition and accommodation fees at Oxford, a personal allowance, transportation expenses to and from Oxford, and traveling expenses related to learning.

The scholarship scheme is established with funds from the estate of the late Dr. Esther Yewpick Lee, whose husband Dr Richard Charles Lee was Vice-Chairman of the Provisional Council and of the Council of The Chinese University of Hong Kong for over 20 years since the planning stage of the University. Members of the Lee family are staunch supporters of CUHK. They also attended the University of Oxford for three generations. The scholarship serves to commemorate the family’s strong connection with and affection for both the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Oxford, and to strengthen the ties between the two universities. It also serves as a boost to our ability to attract Hong Kong’s finest students to our undergraduate programmes and it helps to nurture future leaders for Hong Kong – leaders with international exposure and broad perspectives.





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