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17 Dec 2013

CUHK Faculty of Science Launches New 2-Year Undergraduate Programme for Associate Degree/Higher Diploma Holders

17 Dec 2013

To inspire the next generation of scientific innovators, the Faculty of Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will launch a new two-year full-time UGC-funded undergraduate programme – Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences – for local associate degree/higher diploma holders in the 2014/15 academic year. 

The Natural Sciences programme builds on the strengths of the 12 existing undergraduate programmes of the Faculty of Science of CUHK, namely Biochemistry, Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Earth System Science, Environmental Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Mathematics, Molecular Biotechnology, Physics, Risk Management Science, and Statistics.  The programme is structured to meet the interests and capabilities of different students.  It includes three concentration areas, which are Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences.  Research courses are also included in each concentration area to strengthen students’ research interest and skills. 

There are 50 admission quota to this programme in 2014/15.  During the normative study period of two years, students shall complete at least 69 units for graduation, of which 51 units of science courses are for major requirements, including 30 or more units of courses from one of the three concentration areas. Students are also required to complete at least three units of research course(s).  The Natural Sciences programme also accepts applications from non-science students, offering more opportunities to graduates of sub-degree programmes. Students are free to adjust the combination of different courses. They may focus on one particular scientific discipline to fulfill the major programme requirements, or may complement their major studies with courses from other fields of science. 

Graduates of this programme can look forward to job opportunities similar to those available for graduates of the four-year science programmes, such as researchers, teachers, sales representatives in pharmaceutical companies and/or laboratory equipment companies, statisticians, actuaries, financial analysts, and programmers.  Students with good academic performance will also have opportunities for further studies.

Admission Requirements

Applicants shall be eligible for admission to the Natural Sciences programme if they have successfully completed a local course of study leading to the qualification of associate degree/higher diploma or equivalent, and have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in the English and Chinese languages.  Applicants from all disciplines are welcome, but those with an associate degree or higher diploma from a discipline not directly related to science subjects will also need to have obtained Level 3 or above in at least one science subject (or an extended Module of Mathematics) in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.  The deadline for application is 2 January 2014.  Details of application can be found at