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18 May 2022

CUHK excels in the Top Universities and Scientists Rankings by

18 May 2022

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has achieved outstanding results in the 2022 Top Universities and Top Scientists Rankings developed by the international academic website, which measures h-index performance and bibliometric indicators. In the rankings of 21 disciplines announced, CUHK saw nine (Psychology (1st); Computer Science, Medicine, Economics and Finance, Biology and Biochemistry (2nd); and Microbiology (3rd)) feature in China’s top ten. The University also topped Hong Kong in six disciplines: Computer Science, Economics and Finance, Psychology, Plant Science and Agronomy, Biology and Biochemistry, as well as Genetics and Molecular Biology (see appendix for details).

More than 150 CUHK scholars were named in the Top Scientists Rankings, across different disciplines. Over 20 of them were selected to be among the top 1,000 scientists globally and more than 50 of them were named as top 50 scientists nationally in their respective disciplines.

Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, said, “This is an exceptional result for CUHK and an encouraging one for Hong Kong. The results show that Hong Kong has a significant number of top scholars nationally in a wide range of academic disciplines. This is testament to our strong fundamentals in research and demonstrates that we are a national powerhouse in science, medicine, engineering and technology. Research excellence and innovation are key pillars of the ‘CUHK Strategic Plan 2021-2025’ and these results exemplify our credentials as a leading centre of excellence.” 

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