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22 Nov 2019

CUHK Announces Resumption of Office Operation Next Monday (25 November)

22 Nov 2019

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announces that all offices on campus will resume operation next Monday (25 November). In the past week, the University has actively restored and cleaned up the campus. Having considered safety and special arrangements for transportation, the University decided that it can resume operation. The University understands the concerns of colleagues over safety and transportation issues and therefore has the following measures.

The University has appointed an independent accredited laboratory which has collected air, water and environment surface samples and sent them for testing. The test results of the soil samples show that there is no “Polychlorinated Biphenyls” (PCB), “Cyanide” and “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon” (PAH) component in the soil. As for whether launching tear gas may produce dioxin, there are many different opinions at present. For the sake of prudence, the University will also test the sample for dioxin, but it takes two weeks for obtaining the overseas test results. The University will release the result once available.

Regarding water safety, the University reiterates that the drinking water for CUHK is provided by the Water Supplies Department. The water is delivered by confined pipelines, and does not pass through any outdoor pipeline in the campus area. Therefore, the water quality will not be polluted by the substances in the air. To ensure safety, the University has sent water samples for inspection and release the result once available next week to address the concerns of colleagues.

On transportation, as the University MTR Station remains closed, please find below public transport options for colleagues to travel to and from the campus. The arrangement will take effect next Monday:

(1) Shuttle buses running between Tai Po Market MTR Station (Tat Wan Road next to Exit A2) and the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on the Central Campus will be arranged during 7 am to 10 am and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays and the University’s holidays). A valid CUHK identity information must be presented when boarding.

(2) Depending on the traffic conditions and citizens’ demand, the public bus and public light bus operators will increase the service running between the University and various districts during peak hours. For details, please refer to the information sheet and the latest information of the Transport Department and various public bus and public light bus operators.

In addition, since all school buses have been severely damaged and are not able to provide service, there will be temporary arrangement for the shuttle bus service on campus with effect from Nov 25, 2019. For details, please visit the Transport Office website

To ensure the safety of staff on campus, please note that the areas surrounding the Campus Circuit East near the No. 2 Bridge is cordoned off.  Except for those providing emergency or necessary work, no person or vehicle is allowed to pass through. Staff working in closed areas will be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment and tools in accordance with standard protection guidelines.

Most of the canteens on campus will resume business next Monday. Please refer to for their opening hours. The supermarket can only resume business next Thursday (28 November) earliest.

A gentle reminder that the Campus Access Management Measures are still in place.  University staff and students are required to present their CU Link cards. Alumni must show their Alumni Library Card or CU Alumni Credit Card to prove their identity.  Others are required to show the temporary permit before entry.  For details, please visit

As 25 November is the first working day after the campus restoration, it is expected that many colleagues will return to the campus. All unit heads should exercise flexibility when handling the punctuality of individual staff members due to traffic problems. The University sincerely hopes that colleagues will work together to bring the campus back on track. The University expresses heartfelt gratitude to colleagues and all parties for their encouragement and support at this difficult time.