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13 Nov 2020

Congregation 2020 Will be Moved Online

13 Nov 2020

Dear graduating students,

The Congregations in celebration of your graduation are scheduled to be held next week. The 88th Congregation for the Conferment of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees will be held on 19-21 November, and the 89th Congregation for the Conferment of Honorary and Doctoral Degrees will be held on 3 December. Preparations for the ceremonies started as early as the beginning of this year. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University, together with the Colleges and Faculties, have been operating along a dual-track plan.  If the pandemic situation had remained stable, we hoped to hold physical ceremonies so that you and your family and guests could celebrate this important occasion together on campus, with stringent infection prevention and social distancing measures in place.  If unfortunately the pandemic situation were to worsen, backup arrangements would allow us to move the ceremonies online.  In any case, the health and well-being of University members and our guests is always our top priority.

On 23 October, the University decided to maintain the physical graduation ceremonies based on the prevailing circumstances. Unfortunately, the number of local confirmed cases with unknown sources has increased sharply from single-digits to double-digits in the past two weeks. The situation in the vicinity of our campus, namely the Tai Po and Shatin districts, is particularly troubling. As of yesterday, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has exceeded 52 million globally, and the death toll has exceeded 1.28 million. The number of imported cases in Hong Kong has also been increasing. In addition, there have also been outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections in the past few days.

In light of the increasing health risks and upon the advice from the Committee on Health Promotion and Protection, as well as prudent risk assessment by the University management with input from all Colleges and Faculties, the University had to decide, regretfully, that the 88th Congregation (for the conferment of Bachelor and Master’s Degrees) and the 89th Congregation (for the conferment of Honorary and Doctoral Degrees) will be held online according to the originally scheduled dates and time.  No physical ceremonies or celebratory activities will be held on campus. The Colleges/Faculties will contact you separately through emails to give you the latest arrangements on online ceremonies.

This was an extremely difficult decision for the University given the importance of the celebration of your graduation for you, your family and guests as well as the University. Nevertheless, the University must responsibly and prudently assess potential risks without compromising the health and safety of University members and members of our community.  We therefore ask for and appreciate your understanding and support.  

Over the last many months, colleagues from various units of the University have been tirelessly preparing for the ceremonies under the "new normal" this year. We would like to assure you that the online ceremonies will be no less solemn and commemorative.  We look forward to joining you on this important occasion. Once again, our warmest congratulations to all graduating students. We wish you and your family good health during these difficult times.

Issued jointly by:

  • The Vice-Chancellor and President, Provost and Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents of the University
  • The Heads of Chung Chi, New Asia, United and Shaw Colleges
  • The Masters of Morningside, S.H. Ho, C.W. Chu, Wu Yee Sun and Lee Woo Sing Colleges
  • The Deans of the Graduate School, Faculties of Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Science