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9 Jan 2024

Announcement from The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Resignation of Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan

9 Jan 2024

The Chairman of the Council of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) received yesterday (8 January 2024) a letter from Professor Rocky S. Tuan on his decision to step down from the position of Vice-Chancellor and President of the University with effect from January 2025. 

The University is grateful to Professor Tuan for his leadership and dedicated service over six years of service, especially in pioneering the first-of-its-kind Co-op@CUHK education programme, overseeing the planning and establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) School of Medicine and School of Music in 2020, reaching historical-highs in international university rankings and achieving excellent research performance, leading a role in global and national partnerships, and being a pivotal player in innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development, together with the concerted and dedicated effort of the University management and academic staff. 

Professor Tuan expressed his profound gratitude to the University, and that it had been an honour and privilege for him to serve the University since 1 January 2018. He thanked his team for their commitment to the advancement of the University and contribution to the policy objectives of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Central Governments to make Hong Kong an international education and innovation hub. Speaking about his decision, Professor Tuan said “As the new governance structure is implemented following the amendment of the CUHK Ordinance, I believe now is an opportune moment for the University to search for a new Vice-Chancellor and President. Serving the CUHK community has been an extraordinary honour and a privilege. Hong Kong is my home. It was humbling to be given the opportunity to return here and be entrusted with the noble responsibility to deliver the core mission of this great institution. I am deeply grateful to the entire CUHK community for their support throughout my tenure.”

Professor Tuan is committed to using his best endeavours over the next twelve months to ensure a smooth transition. 

The Council will establish a committee in accordance with Statute 6.1 of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance, composed of the Chairman of the Council, 3 members nominated by the Council and 3 members nominated by the Senate, to advise the Council on the appointment of the next Vice-Chancellor and President.