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Application for Non-Commercial Filming (For the Media)

The CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) coordinates applications for non-commercial filming in the campus. Filming or shooting of media events organised by CUHK generally does not require prior approval. However, in other circumstances, media organisations should obtain prior approval before commencing filming in the campus in locations involving the outdoor area of CUHK main campus, and / or the indoor and outdoor areas managed by the Colleges or Departments. 

Filming applications should be submitted to CPRO (email: or fax: 2603 5115) at least seven working days before the filming date. The University will conduct an individual approval of each of the filming applications and will inform the applicant in writing, in advance, if the application has been approved. For enquiries, please call (852) 3943 3916 / 3943 8892 / 3943 8899.


Download the Application Form:

Application Form


General Guidelines of Non-Commercial Filming in CUHK:


In general, non-commercial filming includes filming and shooting of educational, news and documentary programmes.


The filming media organisation (the “party”) must not cause any nuisance, disturbance or inconvenience to the members and operations of CUHK in whatever circumstances. The party, its employees and other related parties shall observe and comply with the rules and regulations of CUHK.


The nature of the filming should not cause any embarrassment to CUHK, nor should it contravene the laws of Hong Kong. 


CUHK reserves the right to prohibit any filming or shooting in the campus that may cause disruption to academic research, daily operations, or student activities; damage or alteration to university property; inappropriate use of CUHK’s name, image, or logos; disruption of traffic, car parks, or pedestrian pathways; violation of the University’s privacy policy; or any safety hazards.


The party should, at its own expense, be responsible for the insurance and safety of the crew. The party should not cause any damage or injury to any person or property of CUHK. The party shall indemnify and keep indemnified CUHK against all losses claims for injuries or damages to any person, or any property whatsoever which  may arise from the shooting activity.


Rescheduling and Cancellation   

In case the approved filming or shooting activities have been re-scheduled or cancelled, please inform CPRO asap. (email:; Tel: (852) 3943 3916 / 3943 8892 / 3943 8899.)


Remarks: For shooting films in the campus of CUHK, please refer to the website of the  Film Services Office of HKSAR Government’s Create Hong Kong.  For enquiries, please call (852) 3943 8899.