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Last updated : 2020-12-11
Faculty of Arts

Name: MUNSCH Louis Jean

Title: Lecturer

Spoken Language: English, Cantonese, French

Area of Expertise: French Language Teaching
Tel: 3943 8617

Name: PAN Haihua

Title: Chairman / Professor

Spoken Language: English, Putonghua

Area of Expertise: Syntax, Semantics
Tel: 3943 7097

Name: PAN Victor Junnan

Title: Professor

Spoken Language: English, Putonghua, French

Area of Expertise: Formal Linguistics, Syntax
Tel: 3943 8616

Name: PARK Sehee

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Spoken Language: English, Korean

Area of Expertise: Korean Language Teaching
Tel: 3943 9397

Name: REAL BOTIJA Maria De Los Dolores

Title: Lecturer

Spoken Language: English, Spanish

Area of Expertise: Spanish Language Teaching
Tel: 3943 1770