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Last updated : 2019-6-18
Faculty of Social Science

Name: CHOY Chi Keung Ivan

Title: Senior Lecturer

Spoken Language: English, Cantonese

Area of Expertise: HK Politics, Party Politics, Electoral Politics, Leadership, Political Communication
Tel: 3943 7529

Name: DOWNES James Floyd

Title: Lecturer

Spoken Language: English

Area of Expertise: Comparative European Politics, Ideology: Populism in the 21st century, Decline of Social Democracy in Europe, Migration Policy in Hong Kong, Democratization (East Asia)
Tel: 3943 7480

Name: LANDRY Pierre

Title: Professor

Spoken Language: English, French

Area of Expertise: Asian and Chinese politics, comparative local government, quantitative comparative analysis and survey research
Tel: 3943 7550

Name: LEE Ka-kiu Nelson

Title: Lecturer

Spoken Language: English, Cantonese

Area of Expertise: Politics of water (and natural resources) supply, China-HK relations, and politics of space
Tel: 3943 7548

Name: MA Ngok

Title: Associate Professor

Spoken Language: English, Cantonese, Putonghua

Area of Expertise: Democratization, Party and Electoral Politics of Hong Kong, Social Movements and State-society Relations, Comparative Political Values, Comparative Transition Experiences
Tel: 3943 7483