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Last updated : 2018-7-10
Faculty of Law
Name: Alan GIBB

Title: Professional Consultant

Spoken Language: English

Area of Expertise: Conflict of Laws, Contract, Law of Guarantees, Sale of Goods and Consumer Law
Tel: 3943 1663


Title: Associate Professor

Spoken Language: English

Area of Expertise: Family law (marriage; divorce; child custody; domestic violence), judicial review and mediation
Tel: 3943 1048

Name: Bryan H. DRUZIN

Title: Assistant Professor

Spoken Language: English, Putonghua

Area of Expertise: Contract law, Jurisprudence, Legal theory, legal and political philosophy, Law and Economics, Law and Society
Tel: 3943 1044

Name: CHAISSE Julien

Title: Professor

Spoken Language: English, German French

Area of Expertise: International disputes resolution, international business law, foreign investment and world trade organisation, internet law
Tel: 3943 1900

Name: CHIM Carter

Title: Professional Consultant

Spoken Language: English, Cantonese

Area of Expertise: Competition law, Constitutional law, Human Rights law, Administrative law
Tel: 3943 9961

Mobile: 6124 7071

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