Virtual vs Reality: Art & Curatorial Education in the Digital Age


10 Jun 2022






Professor Lukas Tam Wai Ting (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts)

Professor Isaac Leung (Assistant Professor, Cultural Management Programme)

Biography of Speaker:

Professor Lukas Tam Wai Ting (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts)
Lukas Tam Wai Ting is currently the Programme Director of MA in Fine Arts. His early work explores the definition of reality and the situational difference between “Fact” and “Reality”. The recent interest looks at the relationships between “Text”, “Object” and “Image”, it re-evaluates how art can serve as a cognitive experience.

Professor Isaac Leung (Assistant Professor, Cultural Management Programme)
Isaac Leung is a practicing artist, curator, and scholar in art and culture. During 2013 and 2020, Leung was appointed as the Chairman of Videotage. During his tenure, he initiated and participated in projects that included exhibitions, workshops, lectures, publications, online projects, and symposia. He is currently Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Board Director of the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival.


The webinar will be conducted via Zoom.

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Event Details:

The future of education in the post-pandemic era will never be the same as before. While the pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies in education in response to the social distancing policy, educators faced a wide range of challenges in the process. How can we leverage online learning platform to enhance student experience? How can we encourage students to express themselves effectively through virtual technologies? How can we engage students and the community while maintaining social distance?

In answering these questions, Professor Lukas Tam, Associate Professor of the Department of Fine Arts, will discuss the use of mixed reality technology in his course Text and Image. The course, with the theme “Journey”, explores the relationship between one individual and another. He will look at the meaning of reality in the digital age.

Professor Isaac Leung, Assistant Professor of the Cultural Management Programme, will share his experience in making use of telepresence technology and social media to facilitate students in curating an online exhibition that engages with communities, stimulate cultural artistic awareness, and impact society in his course Design Your Exhibition – Curatorial Planning and Practice.


Language: Cantonese