‘MakeZen' Series x 'Zen Art Daily'


14 Oct 2023 - 28 Oct 2023


10:00 – 17:00


Multi-Purpose Learning Centre, Huen Wing Ming Building, Shaw College, CUHK


Changlin Fashi, Dennis Lee (Master of Wingchun)


3943 1549 /

Event Details:

‘MakeZen’ Series x ‘Zen Art Daily’: A Thought of Wingchun

Hold yourself. Let your mind set off from your body, through your hands and fists. And retrieve.

Thoughts come from the mind, and the mind takes lead of thoughts. “Siu Nim Tou” (translated as the little thought), the basic form of Wingchun, centers itself at our body to develop its routine. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Take a mindful look at ourselves and scrutinize how our body moves.

‘MakeZen’ Series x ‘Zen Art Daily’: A Bite of Chocolate

Heat it, stir it and shape it. Witness every change and have a taste of the chocolate, be it roasted, sweet or nutty.

Make your own sweets. Relax your pace and take every step precisely and mindfully. There are things to feel and things to beware of. Experience what the chocolates must have been through. There shall be sweetness and bitterness, awaited to be digested and transformed.