Legal Series: Employee Stock Options For Startups


24 Jun 2022


18:00 – 19:30


UGA, CUHK InnoPort


Ms. Cermain Cheung, Consultant of Oldham, Li & Nie

Biography of Speaker:

Cermain is a corporate lawyer specializing in startups, venture capital and cross-border transactions. She has been practising corporate and commercial law in Hong Kong since 2009. Cermain’s practice focuses on fundraising, M&A, venture capital and private equity investment, joint ventures, cross-border investments and general corporate counselling. Her clients operate in E-Commerce, Software Development, F&B, Retail, Entertainment, Real Estate, Logistics, Franchised Business, and Trading. With her work motto “Growing with clients, becoming friends” Cermain strives to be part of the long-term success of each of them! Cermain is also a wonderful wife of an entrepreneur who makes her understand the real pain and gain of running a business.


CUHK PI Centre (Miss Peggie Ho)

T: 3943 0431


Event Details:

Employee Stock Options serve as an incentive for employees to help the company’s growth and success while maintaining a healthy and sustainable shareholding structure. Want to learn more about the shareholding structures and shares agreement? Don’t miss out on this upcoming seminar with Oldham, Li & Nie!


Content Focus: 

  • What are shares and shareholders’ agreements
  • Common issues of shareholding structures of startups
  • Why a healthy shareholding structure is critical and important
  • How to create a sustainable shareholding structure among co-founders