CW Chu College Photo Exhibition — Our Story: Steeped in Time, Told Through Images


15 Mar 2024 - 28 Sep 2024


Chong Kin Wo Hall, G/F. CW Chu College, CUHK

Biography of Speaker:

Steeped in Time, Told Through Images, this exhibition is a journey through time, showcasing the collective memories and shared experiences that define CW Chu College: the communal dinners, the pioneering Student Honour Code, and the myriad of cultural exchanges that cultivate our scholars’ global perspectives. The photographs and artefacts shown convey the unwavering spirit of a community that cherishes growth, values mentorship, and strives for the embodiment of our foundational values.

Steeped in Time, Told Through Images is more than an exhibition; it is a testament to the vision of Dr CW Chu and the enduring dedication of Dr David Chu, whose contributions have sculpted the college’s present and will continue to guide its future. We invite you to join us to explore, reflect, and be part of CW Chu College’s history through the visual narrative, where every photograph tells a story, every story connects members of the community, and the community together carries forward the vision that we all share.


Free admission