CUHK LAW GBA Forum Online Seminar – ‘The Legal Implications of AI in the Context of Copyright and Transaction Automation in the GBA’


23 Sep 2022


12:45 pm – 1:45 pm


Online via ZOOM


Prof. Jyh-An Lee, Professor, CUHK LAW and Prof. Eliza Mik, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW

Biography of Speaker:

Jyh-An Lee is a Professor and Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Innovation and Digital Society (CLINDS) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. Professor Lee holds a J.S.D. from Stanford Law School and an LL.M from Harvard Law School. Professor Lee is the Legal Lead of the Creative Commons Hong Kong Chapter, a member of the European Center for E-Commerce & Internet Law advisory board, which is affiliated with the University of Vienna. He is also a domain name dispute resolution panelist appointed by the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC). Professor Lee has been featured on ABC News, BBC News, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, Fortune, and South China Morning Post as an expert on intellectual property and Internet law. His works have been cited by the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, UK High Court of Justice, and the US International Trade Commission.


Dr Eliza Mik teaches Legal Technologies and Contract Law at CUHK LAW. Prior to joining CUHK, she was researching and teaching at the Singapore Management University, Bocconi University and at Melbourne Law School. Before joining academia, she worked in-house for a number of software and telecommunications companies in Australia, Poland, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. She advised on technology procurement and e-commerce regulation. Her PhD focused on the private law aspects of e-commerce and on the legal implications of transaction automation. Since 2014, she has been researching smart contracts and blockchains. Eliza has advised the World Bank and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. At present, she is a member of the UNCITRAL Expert Group for the Digital Economy, a member of the Inclusive Global Legal Innovation Platform on ODR (Hong Kong), a Research Associate at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Society and Technology and an Affiliate Researcher with the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne.


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Event Details:

Every day, millions of decisions are made based on information provided by computers and millions of transactions are concluded automatically, by means or with the assistance of computer programs, many of which fall under the category of artificial intelligence, or “AI.” Computer programs can accept payment and dispense products. Computers can also calculate the optimal price, plot the perfect delivery route and predict product demand. AI enables us to automate a wide range of tasks involved in the processes of forming and performing contracts. Contrary to popular belief, such novel transacting practices are easily accommodated by existing legal principles. On one hand, commercial practices are changing; on the other – the fundamental legal principles remain the same. Contract law is technology neutral and oblivious to the manner the parties’ statements came into existence. This principle will not only facilitate innovation and creativity across a wide range of industries but also facilitate the seamless adoption of transaction technologies in the context of financial services, transport, and logistics to name a few. AI will assist in achieving unprecedented economies of scale, cut costs and shift the labour market to value-added services. This seminar will discuss the technology, its practical deployment and the potential doctrinal hurdles that need to be overcome in the Greater Bay Area. It will also examine copyright protection of AI-generated works in mainland China and Hong Kong.


CPD credits are available upon application and subject to accreditation by the Law Society of Hong Kong (currently pending).