Café Scientifique – Impacts of climate change to public health


30 Jul 2014


19.00 – 20.00


British Council, Room 307, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong


Prof. TAI Pui Kuen AmosEarth System Science ProgrammeFaculty of Science, CUHK

Biography of Speaker:

Dr Amos P K Tai is an Assistant Professor in the Earth System Science Programme of the Faculty of Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research examines the complex interactions between climate, atmospheric chemistry and the biosphere, focusing on aspects that directly impact human society such as air pollution, climate change, agriculture, and public health. Before he joined CUHK, Dr Tai was a Croucher Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, where he also obtained his BSc degree. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Harvard, where he examined the effects of climate change on particulate matter air quality. Born and raised in subtropical Hong Kong, Dr Tai is an insect enthusiast and hopes to become an amateur entomologist. He also delights in communicating science to non-scientists on especially topics such as environmental conservation and integration of faith and science.



Synopsis of Lecture:

The impacts of climate change go far beyond the iconic picture of polar bears losing their homes and are beginning to endanger the health and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people. The emerging public health threats of climate change include heat stress, more prevalent infectious diseases, alteration of air quality, water scarcity and food insecurity, among others. Hong Kong has already seen some of these impacts, such as the changing patterns of extreme hot days, air pollution episodes, and mosquito-borne illnesses. In this Cafe Scientifique, Dr Tai hopes to engage the audience in the discussion of these important topics, implications for daily life in Hong Kong, and strategies for a sustainable future.


Free of Charge. All are Welcome!
Organizer: British Council