29 Dec 2022

Updates on campus access arrangements

29 Dec 2022

Dear colleagues and students,

In accordance with the latest adjustments to the government’s anti-epidemic measures, including lifting of the Vaccine Pass requirement, the University has made the following changes to arrangement for campus access, effective from today (29 December 2022).

(1) The Vaccine Pass is no longer required on the campus starting from today. Staff and students are no longer required to update their vaccination records in the University’s COVID-19 Vaccination/Regular Testing Report System (VTR), which has been deactivated. However, they are still required to tap their CU Link cards to enter the campus, in accordance with existing access control measures.

(2) Visitors without a CU Link card are still required to register details of their Hong Kong ID cards (or other identification documents). Alumni can produce CUHK Library Cards or CUHK Alumni Credit Cards at the campus entrance in accordance with existing access control measures.

(3) All social distancing measures except mask-wearing are lifted today.

Please visit Our Act Together Against COVID-19 website and its FAQ page for more updates about our response to the pandemic.

Yours sincerely,
Emergency Response Group
The Chinese University of Hong Kong