26 Feb 2021

University Handling of Student Disciplinary Cases

26 Feb 2021

Complaints have been received of two CUHK students not complying with campus access control measures and abusing members of campus security staff with foul language. In view of the seriousness of the cases, the disciplinary committees of relevant Colleges have issued disciplinary sanctions. The details are as follows:

  1. On 10 December 2020, a student refused to display his CU Link card when entering campus and insulted security officers with abusive language. The same student insulted security officers with abusive language again on 12 January 2021. The College’s disciplinary committee reviewed the cases and the student was issued two demerits in total, and ordered to undertake 30 hours of voluntary work prior to graduation. According to CUHK ’General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies’, a total of three demerits will result in termination of studies at the University.
  2. On 11 December 2020, another student repeatedly insulted a University security officer with abusive language while at the same time using a mobile phone to live-stream the ongoing argument with the security officer. Deliberations by the disciplinary committee of the student’s affiliated College resulted in the student receiving one demerit and requirement of 20 hours of voluntary work prior to graduation.

CUHK considers these abusive behaviors of the two students are of a serious nature and harmful to the reputation of the University. In addition to being disciplined, both students have written letters of apology to the affected staff.