1 Mar 2021

CUHK’s Clarification on the Unfounded Claims by CUHK Student Union Executive Committee

1 Mar 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) expresses deep regret over the unfounded claims made by the CUHK Student Union (CUSU) Executive Committee at today’s press conference. CUHK hereby strongly states that the University has never ‘threatened’ or ‘marginalized’ the CUSU Executive Committee or any other student organization, or intended to do so. In addition, the University has never objected to students or hindered them from showing their concern towards community affairs and social issues.

In a previous CUHK statement issued on 25 February, actions taken against the CUSU Executive Committee were entirely based on the potentially unlawful statements and false allegations made by the CUSU Executive Committee as stated in its election platform and on numerous occasions. To safeguard the welfare of the University and its staff and students, the University must prudently assess the potential legal risks and ensure the effective use of its resources. The said statement also indicated that the Office of Student Affairs would offer assistance to minimize the impact on other student organizations and student services. The University deeply regrets that the CUSU Executive Committee has misrepresented the said arrangements and measures as threats and intimidation towards other student organizations.

CUHK reiterates that the University upholds academic freedom and respects freedom of speech, and has established policies to protect the rights of all stakeholders, including their right of expression. University members must, however, conduct activities or express opinions in a rational and respectful manner and abide by the law. The University will not tolerate any illegal behaviours or behaviours that compromise the reputation of the University. Any contraventions will be dealt with strictly to protect the well-being of the University and all its members.