2 Jun 2021

The University’s Arrangements on “Vaccination Leave”

2 Jun 2021

With reference to the provision of “Vaccination leave” in the Civil Service, the Emergency Response Group (ERG) has approved the same provision for University staff members after they have received COVID-19 vaccination, as follows:

Vaccination leave – for full-time staff who will receive / have already received vaccination during the periods below –

  1. Vaccination to be received from 3 June to 31 August 2021 (The University has published an announcement on 18 August 2021 to extend the Staff Vaccination Leave scheme to the end of October. Details: )
    • Authorised absence for not more than one day may be granted immediately after each vaccination. This may be taken in two consecutive half-day units, on the day of vaccination and the day after (or the working day immediately after the day of vaccination). Staff members may be granted time release of not more than half day for vaccination during work hours.
    • In case a member of staff needs to take sick leave for no more than one day after the approved authorised absence, production of medical certificate will not be required as a general concession. Such sick leave must be taken within two days after the day of approved authorised absence.
    • For sick leave beyond the third calendar day immediately following the day of vaccination, normal requirement on provision of sick leave certificate will apply.
  2. Vaccination taken on or before 2 June 2021
    • Staff members will be allowed to apply for one day of authorised absence for each dose already received on or before 2 June 2021. The deadline for them to take authorised absence is 31 March 2022.

Application procedure and record of “Vaccination Leave”

  • Vaccination leave cannot be applied through CUPIS. Prior approval should be obtained from the leave approving authority outside the system (e.g. via email or paper application).
  • Approved records of vaccination leave should be kept by Departments/Units. Local leave administrators may input the approved records in CUPIS [using the leave type “Others (Working Days)”] for record purpose.

For enquiries about vaccination leave, please email to For more information on the University’s efforts on infection control, please visit Act Together Against COVID-19 website (