24 Mar 2020

Message from Provost and Vice-President (Administration) : Protection Against COVID-19

24 Mar 2020

Dear Fellow Colleagues and Students,

Over the past two months, the University has introduced a series of needed measures to help fight against COVID-19. We would like to thank you for your understanding, helpful suggestions and co-operation in this effort and in ensuring that learning and other essential services continue with good effect. As many experts tell us, we are entering a new stage of safeguarding public health – that we must be vigilant of the danger of imported contractions.

Along with the restrictions imposed by the Government, including compulsory quarantine and rejection of any incoming non-local travellers, the University has also implemented corresponding emergency policies to reduce the risk of spread of the disease.The Emergency Response Group chaired by the Vice-Chancellor has decided to raise the precautionary measures for staff and students commuting to the University, as follows:

  1. With effect from 25 March 2020, staff members or students who live in a household where there is/are person(s) under compulsory quarantine should stay home and should not come to the campus, or visit any University sites or facilities, until the quarantine period of the person(s) concerned expires.
  2. These staff members and students should report their status to the Committee on Health Promotion and Protection (CHPP) via the Information Co-ordinator at 3943 6436 during office hours or email to They should also conduct medical surveillance for 14 days, counting from the day when they started staying with the person under compulsory quarantine,  making use of the online form.
  3. Staff members involved should discuss with their supervisor(s) to make appropriate work-from-home arrangements for the corresponding period.

Heads of Departments/Units are advised to ensure that all their staff members are aware of the measures above, and to facilitate any colleagues involved to comply with the requirements.We hope you appreciate that exceptional time calls for exceptional strength. Together we will overcome the COVID-19.  

With best regards,

Alan K.L. Chan                                                 Eric S.P. Ng
Provost                                                            Vice-President (Administration)