18 May 2022

Congratulatory letter from Heads and Masters of all Colleges to the Vice-Chancellor and President

18 May 2022

Dear VC,

It is our great pleasure to write to you, as the Heads and Masters of the nine constituent Colleges of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to offer our heartfelt congratulations on your reappointment as the Vice-Chancellor and President of our University. We wish not only to mark what has been by no means a seamless and automatic process for your predecessors, but also to say how we feel about it.

As a group we were in no doubt that your reappointment would be in the best interests of the University. We are sure that the former Chairman of Council will already have told you that he had convened a meeting so that we could express our views and that we were united in calling for your reappointment. But we are also conscious that this was just one of several such meetings, and that in faithfully and dispassionately reporting their outcomes a great deal of colour is necessarily lost. The thoughts and the feelings of all the participants are distilled into a single, ticked box. That output cannot convey the personal warmth, the individual gratitude, and the well-informed enthusiasm of those who know what you have done and appreciate what you have set out to be done next. All that and more was plainly on display at our meeting. We wanted you to continue and now we are delighted that you will. Taken dispassionately, your reappointment through a careful, due process is good for our University and good for Hong Kong’s universities more widely. That’s entirely true. But beyond that, it is also a source of pleasure – and a well-considered and lasting pleasure – for us.

With our best wishes, and our congratulations once again,

CHAN Sun On Hector, New Asia College

CHAN Tak Cheung Anthony, Wu Yee Sun College

FONG Wing Ping, Chung Chi College

LAU Wan Yee Joseph, Lee Woo Sing College

LEUNG Yiu-kin Freedom, Shaw College

RAWLINS, Nick, Morningside College

WONG Suk Ying, CW Chu College

WONG Wing Sing, SH Ho College

YU Chai Mei Jimmy, United College

CHAN Wai-Yee, PVC Strategic Developments