8 Feb 2022

Important announcement: continuation of online learning & teaching for Term 2 2021-22

8 Feb 2022

Dear colleagues and students,

The University continues to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong. With the recent surge in cases across the city, the University is announcing the following new measures to do as much as possible to combat infection and protect our community from the virus at what is a critical time in our collective efforts to battle the pandemic.

(1)   Online classes:                                               

  • With the exception of a few lab-based and practical classes, all classes will remain online for the remainder of Term 2 2021-22. All those participating in lab-based or practical classes should be especially vigilant to the risk of infection – extra measures including rotating teams, reduced student numbers in classes and ensuring social distancing should be adhered to at all times.
  • We understand that the continuation of online delivery for the rest of the term may disrupt individual study plans. Students who feel their programme is adversely impacted by these arrangements may apply for late drop according to standing procedures. Please contact your Faculty or Department if you would like additional information about and what this might mean for your circumstances.
  • Examination arrangements are being reviewed to ensure consistency with this policy, and details will be announced as soon as may be practicable. 

(2)    Hostels:

  • Minimising face-to-face contact and social mixing, and reducing crowd density are all essential to decreasing the risk of infection on campus. The University strongly encourages all resident students to return home and vacate their hostels if practicable, unless they have a compelling reason to stay resident. Students who vacate their hostels following the issuance of this notice will have their hostel fees reimbursed by Colleges or hostel offices on a pro-rata basis.
  • Students should vacate their hostels during the upcoming weekend of 12 – 13 February. All personal belongings should be removed in order to have hostel fees reimbursed. Further details will be announced to residents by Colleges, Postgraduate Halls and International House as soon as possible.
  • Students who are granted permission to remain in residence must recognize that this entails a commitment to living exclusively in their hostel. They cannot divide their time between multiple residences (e.g. by spending weekends at home). Any breach of this principle will result in denial of access to your room and hostel fees will not be reimbursed. Residents should also minimize off-campus travel as far as possible.

The safety and well-being of the entire University community is our absolute priority. The University will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation, and is prepared to introduce additional measures should they be required.

Please visit our FAQ page for the most up-to-date information about our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep our community safe.


Yours faithfully,

Emergency Response Group

The Chinese University of Hong Kong