25 Nov 2021

Ensuring a continuing role for student organisations

25 Nov 2021

Dear members of the CUHK community,

Further to the Vice-Chancellor’s message, I am pleased to write to you today with details regarding proposed transitional arrangements for the affiliation of clubs and societies following the CUSU’s announcement last month.

Please rest assured that the student voice is being heard.

We have conducted five formal engagement sessions with over 100 student representatives to discuss an affiliation model with the University. This affiliation is a transitional arrangement until a new student body comes into existence.

We recognise that the CUSU announcement and the transitional arrangements with Office of Student Affairs (OSA) represent a departure from past practice.

At no point did CUHK pressure or coerce CUSU to dissolve its operations. The University is committed to ensuring that its operations, including student organisations, conduct their activities in accordance with the law.

The University believes that registration under the Companies or Societies Ordinance represents a legally compliant way for CUSU to continue its operations, and we have engaged in constructive and supportive dialogue with CUSU with a view to assisting with its registration. We regret that all CUSU office bearers with administrative authority collectively resigned. Consequently, for those student organisations that elect not to pursue independent registration, our focus is now on supporting their affiliation with the University, either via OSA, or relevant Faculty/Department/Programme Offices.

We have prepared a list of FAQs to help students better understand the transitional arrangements.

Thank you again for your interest in student life and for being a valued member of our community.


Yours sincerely,

Professor Raymond Chan
University Dean of Students