12 Nov 2019

CUHK’s Support to Resident Students (12 November)

12 Nov 2019
As public transportation is seriously affected, most canteen services in CUHK will be suspended. Students and staff living on campus may be affected.
In order to take good care of resident students, the University has arranged with all wardens and resident tutors to provide full support, pay visits and offer assistance to students in response to their needs when necessary. 
The University has contacted the supermarket in campus to replenish the food supply. The supermarket has deployed trucks to deliver fresh food and dried food to the campus. As the trucks may be affected by road conditions, the arrival time of goods may be delayed. The University has also contacted the supermarket about continuing to provide a food supply in the coming days.
Below are the status of campus canteens for today (12 November 2019) as at 10:30:
– New Asia College Student Canteen: open until further notice
– SeeYou@Shaw: open while food supplies last
– Orchid Lodge: open till 4pm with limited service
– Women Cooperative Store: open until further notice
– Morningside College Café: open til 6pm
– Morningside College Dining Hall: open til around 2pm
– Fusion Supermarket: open until further notice (the University has liaised with the supermarket to arrange delivery of fresh food and dried food to the campus)
– Benjamin Franklin Centre Student Canteen
– Benjamin Franklin Centre Coffee Corner
– United College Student Canteen
– United College Staff Canteen
– Chung Chi College Student Canteen
– Chung Chi College Staff Club
– Wu Yee Sun College Student Canteen
– Canteen of CW Chu College
– Basic Medical Sciences Building Snack Bar
No response from canteens operators
– Pommerenke Student Centre Café (Paper&Coffee)
– Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria
– New Asia College Staff Canteen
– New Asia College Yun Chi Hsien
– United College Si Yuan Amenities Centre
– Canteen of S.H. Ho College
– Lee Woo Sing College – WS Pavilion
– Lee Woo Sing College – The Harmony
– Lee Woo Sing College – Cafe Tolo
– Lee Woo Sing College – The Green
– The Stage
– Café 330