19 Nov 2020

CUHK Statement on the Unauthorised Demonstration and Procession Held in Campus

19 Nov 2020

From around noon today, more than a hundred people assembled at CUHK campus to participate in a demonstration and procession without authorisation, in potential violation of the gathering restriction order and the “Public Security Ordinance.” To minimize spreading of COVID-19 and possible offense against the law, University staff members were present and made multiple broadcast announcements to call on the crowd to disperse and depart as soon as possible. During the demonstration and procession, some people displayed a Hong Kong independence banner and flag, and shouted slogans about Hong Kong independence and the subversion of state power. The University promptly reported the demonstration and procession to the police this morning. The University strongly condemns those involved in these illegal activities.

The demonstrators gathered on the campus to march, stepping into the road from time to time, stopping on the main thoroughfares, and seriously blocking campus traffic. Some people used spray paint and graffiti along the way and hung slogans on campus, destroying school property and endangering the safety of passengers. Since the demonstration and procession were initiated on social platforms, the University did not receive any application for approval and was not able to identify the organisers. To ensure the wellbeing of its students, the University has been actively communicating with student leaders and urging them to disseminate messages to other students regarding the legal and health risks of related activities, and remind them not to participate in illegal or inappropriate activities.

CUHK reiterates that the Congregation is a solemn occasion, and it is definitely not an occasion for political expression and the dissemination of political messages. The University expresses deep regret over and condemns all irresponsible and disrespectful acts towards graduates and their family members, and those acts that may violate national security. Students and staff members whose behaviour harmed the reputation of the University will be handled in accordance with established disciplinary procedures.

 (This statement was issued at 2:30 pm on 19 November 2020)