17 Nov 2020

CUHK Encourages Members to Download the “LeaveHomeSafe” Mobile App

17 Nov 2020

To enhance the precautionary measures on campus, and to complement the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app launched by the Government, the University has registered more than 200 locations on campus as “LeaveHomeSafe” sites and has begun to post the QR code for the “LeaveHomeSafe” app on the relevant premises. The University members are encouraged to participate as they wish.

Those who are interested in participating can use their mobile phones to download the app. They can check into venues by scanning the venue QR code to log their arrival time and clicking the “Leave” button in the app to mark their departure. Relevant data will be encrypted and saved on users’ devices only, and will then be automatically deleted after 31 days to protect personal privacy.

If a user has visited a participating place at around the same time as a confirmed person, the app will issue a notification and related health advice to the user. The University encourages members to download the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app to combat the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic might stretch on even longer, and multiple confirmed cases with unknown sources have been recorded continuously. The University urges all faculty, staff and students to continuously observe various infection control measures, including wearing masks, observing social distance, monitoring body temperature and washing hands frequently.