30 Mar 2020

CUHK Announces Enhanced Measures to Prevent Infection

30 Mar 2020

In view of the continuing surge of confirmed cases and the spread of COVID-19, the University is obliged to take further precautionary measures to safeguard the health and well-being of its members. In this regard, the University has decided to impose additional necessary social distancing measures on campus starting from today (30 March). Except for emergency and essential activities critical to the operation of the University, all forms of activity and social gathering among students and staff in campus will be reduced to a minimal level to prevent infection. These measures include the following:

Restaurants, canteens and communal areas
Restaurants and canteens on campus are required to maintain precautionary measures including allowing no more than 4 persons to sit together at one table, performing body temperature screening on each customer before entering the catering premises, and all customers must wear a mask at any time except when consuming food or drink. Social distancing measures in all communal areas, study rooms, and pantries in College hostels should now be strictly observed to avoid gatherings of more than 4 people.

Research activities in laboratories should be maintained at a minimal level as far as applicable. Staff and students should observe strict social distancing measures to avoid gatherings of over 4 people at any one time. Face masks should be worn at all times.

All the above measures will take effect immediately and until further notice. The University will continue to closely monitor the situation and review the actions taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For more information on how the University is coping with COVID-19, please visit Act Together Against COVID-19 website.