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18 Jul 2021

CUHK Launches New Scholarships and Bursaries for Outstanding New Students

18 Jul 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offers various scholarships and awards to give due recognition to students with outstanding performance and promote students’ whole-person development. The University also provides different types of financial aid to help students who are in financial need. To recognise the effort of the students sitting the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination this year, CUHK continues to offer “University Admission Scholarships” and has established the new “CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Excellence” and “Non-local Experiential Learning Bursary” in 2021.

CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Excellence

With effect from the 2021 entry, CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Excellence will be offered to the most outstanding students admitted to full-time undergraduate programmes.

Each year, 8 awards of HK$50,000 each will be given to the distinguished new students admitted to any full-time undergraduate programmes, irrespective of the admission channel and residency.

Selection will be based on both academic and non-academic achievements, including their entrance results, first-term academic performance, language proficiency, track record of distinguished leadership, commitment to service and awards attained. When candidates are of equal standard, their familial financial condition will also be considered. Students will be invited by their respective Faculties to compete for this Scholarship after the academic year has commenced. 

For details of the “University Admission Scholarships” and “CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Excellence”, please visit the website of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (

Non-local Experiential Learning Bursary

CUHK strongly encourages students to not only delve into their academic disciplines but also seize different experiential learning opportunities.  While approaching a post-pandemic era, the world is also undergoing substantive and significant changes.  The University gives further support for students to participate in non-local student exchange or learning activities with the purpose to encourage them to discern and study the changes and new trends prevalent under the “new normal” in other countries and regions. The “Non-local Experiential Learning Bursary” will be offered to eligible students admitted in the 2021 entry. The Bursary aims to allow needy students to benefit from non-local learning opportunities during their undergraduate studies.

To be eligible for the “Non-local Experiential Learning Bursary”, students should be local Year 1 undergraduate students admitted to CUHK through JUPAS in the 2021 entry. They should also have received either a full grant under the School Textbook Assistance Scheme or subsidy for school-related expenses under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance from the Social Welfare Department in Secondary 6.

The bursary can be utilised any time during the normative period of undergraduate studies. Eligible non-local learning opportunities include exchange programmes, internships, service trips, short courses, and competitions that are endorsed by the University.

Students who are entitled to the award for outgoing exchange or overseas learning activities based on their HKDSE results (i.e. Level 5** in 3 or more subjects) will still be eligible for the bursary if they can meet the aforesaid requirements.

Up to 400 bursaries will be awarded. Eligible students can submit their preliminary application via the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid webpage <> starting from 19 July 2021 until further notice. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application as early as possible. They will be notified by email of the arrangement for submitting their supporting documents after admission to CUHK.