Share your story

Share your story

Share your story through CUHK’s social media

CUHK welcomes members of the community to submit ideas and content for promotion via the University’s central social media channels. We have prepared below a simple form to help organise your content which will assist our team in reviewing your material and preparing it for posting. We are a big university and there is a lot happening across our community. We need to make sure that whatever we publish generates as much engagement as possible and that we amplify your message so it has a strong impact. We will contact you in 3-5 working days after receiving the information.

As you are considering contacting us, we’ve prepared some guidelines which will hopefully help you think about your intended audience, and allow us to think of the best channel(s) for your content.

  • Target Audience: Who do you want to target? Is your content targeting staff, students (current or prospective), alumni, industry partners, or academic institutions overseas?
  • Objectives: What do you want to achieve from posting the content on CUHK’s channels? For example, are you trying to generate interest and engagement in an event or an initiative, or are you reporting on something which has already taken place? Are you announcing an achievement, celebrating a success, or trying to create awareness about a particular research/education initiative to a specific audience?
  • Visual Content: Is your content accompanied by a high-resolution photo, a graphic, or a video so audiences will be more inclined to engage with your content?
  • Language: Will your content be best delivered in English, Traditional or Simplified Chinese, or is it best if it is delivered in all three?
  • Channel: Have you thought about other channels to promote your content? For example, this could be CUHK in Focus (effective for staff, students and some alumni), or it could be your local Faculty/College/Unit Newsletter or your own area’s social media accounts.


We generally aim to publish content on our social media channels which meet the following criteria:

  • Align with the University’s Strategic Plan (e.g., four research foci, and initiatives supported by the University which fall under the Strategic Plan’s success matrix) and other major strategic priorities/themes (e.g., Greater Bay Area engagement, student-led activities)
  • Transcend any one Faculty/College/Unit and speak to the University’s interests, and its community as a whole
  • Accompanied by powerful, high-resolution visuals (photographs, graphics or video) – your visual should tell a compelling story and enhance the information contained in the promotion message. Low resolution photos/videos, Zoom screenshots of multiple participants in online conferences/seminars, etc. will not be accepted
  • Short, concise and punchy narratives are welcome – detailed information can be included in a hyperlink
  • Celebration of achievements are welcome (i.e., major rankings such as THE, QS, ARWU, US World News; staff awards such as major academic prizes, fellowship elections or membership of learned academies; student awards such as prestigious scholarships and competitions; alumni achievements such in sport, business and government)