ZOOM Into Science 2022 Online Lectures - Industrial Applications of Geometry


1 Apr 2022


4:30 p.m.




Prof. LUI Lok Ming Ronald (Department of Mathematics)


3943 1387 /

Event Details:

Geometry is an important topic in mathematics. It has recently attracted much attention and found successful applications in various fields. Applications have been found in medical image analysis, computer graphics and visions. For instance, in medical field, neuroscientists often need to locate structural differences between healthy and unhealthy brain structures and hence to detect systematic patterns of alterations in brain diseases. Geometry is able to accurately locate shape abnormality and systematically analyze the complicated anatomical structure for disease analysis. Using it, tools for disease diagnosis, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can be developed.  In this talk, I will give an overview on the recent advances of computational geometry and its industrial applications.