ZOOM Into Science 2022 Online Lectures - Application of Essential Oil for Hand-Made Skin Care Products


25 Mar 2022


4:30 p.m.




Dr. LO Chui Man (Department of Chemistry)


3943 1387 /

Event Details:

Essential oil is a kind of aromatic volatile oil extracted from plants. It has been used for thousands of years in various daily applications, such as aromatherapy, cosmetic, home products and mosquito repellents. Due to the presence of different major components, each type of essential oil has different functions. For example, Tea Tree oil can treat acnes, skin fungal and insect bites. Peppermint oil can treat symptoms of common cold, flu and other respiratory uncomfortable. Lemongrass oil can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Citronella oil is mainly used as mosquito repellent.

In this seminar, extraction methods of essential oil from plants will be introduced. Simple experimental procedures for hand-made skin care products will be demonstrated. You can try to do it by yourself at home.