UQ-CUHK Health Equity Webinar Series
Social Determinants of Health and Health Outcomes


1 Mar 2022


4:00-5:00pm (HK time) / 6:00-7:00pm (AEST time)


Online via Zoom


Dr. Mark Robinson

Senior Research Fellow of Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland


Prof. Jean Woo

Co-Director of Institute of Health Equity; Director of Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Event Details:

Social determinants of health are fundamental to understanding inequalities in health outcomes as well as devising policies and programs to tackle them.  Drawing insights from research and experiences in population level strategies and community level programs in Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong, Prof. Jean Woo and Dr. Mark Robinson will examine the drivers of inequalities of health and what can be done to improve the situation.  The lessons learnt from contrasting societal contexts and life expectancies will have practical relevance to other countries and people from Government, social and medical sectors, academia and charities who want to devise effective solutions to reduce unfair and avoidable inequalities in health.