The art path of anothermountainman: learning, appreciation and execution


7 Nov 2022




Sir Run Run Shaw Hall


Stanley Wong (anothermountainman)

Biography of Speaker:

Stanley Wong is a homegrown artist and designer who received his education and professional training in Hong Kong. He has been working in the creative and advertising industry for over 30 years. He has a passion in fine arts and photography, focusing on social issues. His talents in photography and fine arts have been recognized in numerous exhibitions and awards.

He uses red-white-blue in art and design, depicting the positive spirit of Hong Kong. People named him as Mr. red-white-blue or father of red-white-blue.

He is a leading artist in Hong Kong. His affection for his birthplace is strongly reflected in his art. Many of his artworks have been selected as permanent collections at local and international museums.

He contributes the rest of his life to design education.


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Synopsis of Lecture:

Anothermountainman, a renowned creative director in advertising field, whose artworks were collected by many international art museums. The talk recounts his art journey as it moves between commercial and fine art. Is his success caused by a series of coincidences or is it planned? How did he start his art journey and what did he do? 

Do you think art is difficult to understand? He will go to the museum with you to clear your doubts. 

At the end, Art isn’t difficult at all!


Talk (conducted in Cantonese)

Date: 2022.11.7 (Mon)

Time: 7pm

Venue: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Free Admission

Target Audience: Open to Public