TEDxCUHK 2023: 0⇌1


24 Jun 2023


Time: 10:15-12:30 (AM session); 14:15-16:30 (PM session)


Shaw College Lecture Theatre, CUHK



IG: @tedxcuhk

Event Details:

The beginning. And the end.

We want to think that our world is made of binaries, of 0s and 1s, of blacks and whites. We want to think of our journey as linear – that as we learn, we experience and we evolve, we are becoming better, and moving towards that end goal.

But what is that end goal? And indeed, what is the beginning?

Amid the quandaries of morality, the dilemma between truth and falsehood, the equilibrium of time, perhaps the beginning and the end is merely a question of perception. Perhaps sometimes, we need to take a step back, to understand the greater intricacies of the bigger picture, the lessons that have brought us to the now; and others, it is time to step forward, to embrace what the future holds, to embark on a journey, unknown.

Perhaps the equilibrium, the flexibility of it to move backwards and forwards in accordance with small changes in composition, is far more important than what it was in the beginning, or what the product is in the end.