TEDxCUHK 2022: Resonance

"Raise your cultural identity to showcase the diversity of Hong Kong", Saya Kyzylbayeva, TEDxCUHK 2019


18 Jun 2022


AM Session: Ripples of Evolution

10:15 AM to 12:30 PM

PM Session: Sparks of Change

2:15 PM to 4:30 PM


Shaw College Lecture Theatre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


AM Session: Ripples of Evolution

1)     Blair Sugarman, photographer, on “Ideas that resonate – the art of staying creative in a digital world”

2)     Matthew Shum, Founder of the Illuminant, on “Rethinking elderly care in Hong Kong — what can we learn from Japan?”

3)     Wendy Lee, Regional Manager, Autodesk Far East Ltd., on “Promote Greenness Creatively and Sustainably”

4)     MyGreenMantra, on “Can our CHOICES impact Climate Change?”

5)     Ka Kui Tse, Master Movement Builder, on “A New Look at Your Life”

PM Session: Sparks of Change

1)     Prof. Ronald Wong, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, CUHK, on “Aging in the Technological Age”

2)     Tze Wei Ng, Lawyer, on “Shall we talk…shall we dialogue?”

3)     Andrew Kwan, Founder and CEO of Delight Labs, on “How to Create Your Own Metaverse in Web3”

4)     Bosco Poon, Rapper, Pastor, on “Break Your Prison”

5)     Arnold Cheung, Founder & CEO of Multiply Studio and Technologies, ArtTechEd Pioneer, on “Generating Possibilities with ArtTech”

Biography of Speaker:

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Event Details:

A single particle can generate sound. A single pebble can cause ripples in a silent sea. A single person can create change.

Every single one of us has our own evolution in life. We all go through life living our own versions of reality, facing our personal set of challenges, and walking down our individual, unique paths. We all have our differences, be it in faith, beliefs, or values. But just like how in physics, when two frequencies are equal, much bigger waves are created – when we come together to share our ideas, and vibrate along the same wavelength, we can create, innovate, and shift paradigms.

The power of our collective, of many infinitesimal particles vibrating to create an explosion, of many seemingly small and powerless humans all vying for the same goal, is the power of a revolution far greater than the sum of the individual parts. It all begins with one single person, one single ripple that resonates with the people around them to turn the tide of what we know and believe.

Synopsis of Lecture:

TEDx events provide a local platform where live, TED-like talks and performances are shared by the community. In hopes to uphold the TED spirit of “Ideas worth Spreading”, we have invited 10 speakers from all walks of life to share their unique, local perspectives. For more information, please check our website.