Symposium on Movements of Desires: Identity Politics, Consumption and Citizen-making in China and Hong Kong


8 Apr 2017


10:30am – 6:30pm


G24, Fung King Hey Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Keynote SpeakerProf. Lisa ROFEL (University of California, Santa Cruz) SpeakersProf. Sealing CHENG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)Prof. Lucetta KAM (Hong Kong Baptist University)Prof. Travis KONG (The University of Hong Kong)Prof. Yiu-tung SUEN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)Prof. WEI Wei (East China Normal University)Prof. Day WONG (Hong Kong Baptist University)Prof. Ka-ming WU (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)Ms. ZENG Jinyan (The University of Hong Kong)


3943 1255/ 3943 6508

Event Details:

Queer identity politics has assumed an increasing visibility in China’s urban centers. LGBT friendly restaurants, lesbian marriage activism, the popular genre of boy’s love, and transgendered celebrities are changing the public culture of gender and sexuality. At the same time, the pink economy in China is one of the fastest growing sectors. Various new social media platforms such as Blued and LesPark bloom in response to high demands of the LGBT communities. All these new practices are not only responses over new meanings of desires, interests, consumption, and new identities within a changing social, political, and economic landscape. They are also tied to new forms of citizen rights advocacy and new forms of social activism.

The symposium of Movements of Desires gathers esteemed scholars, activists, and artists from China and abroad to explore the ways that queer studies, politics, new media practices and consumption innovation transform and reimagine new social possibilities and scholarship.


Organized by the MA in Intercultural Studies, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and the Centre for Cultural Studies

Sponsored by Faculty of Arts