Southbound Intellectuals and Their Legacy: Lingnan Literati’s Contribution to a Century of Hong Kong Education


30 Sep 2021 - 18 Feb 2022


Exhibition Area, University Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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Event Details:

Southbound intellectuals had had a profound impact on the heritage and evolution of traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong over the past century since the late Qing and Republican era. These Lingnan literati established schools and other educational institutions for nurturing talents, founded literary societies and poetry gatherings to facilitate literary expression and exchange, and celebrated the humanity and integrity of the traditional ideal Chinese scholar. They also launched newspapers and magazines and organized exhibitions to preserve and promote the traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong. The rich and enduring legacy of the traditional Chinese classics, art, and literature followed the southbound journey of these intellectuals to Hong Kong and flourished in the city.

Tracing the footprints of twenty southbound intellectuals in Hong Kong, this exhibition will display their rare publications and manuscripts, photographs, as well as calligraphy and paintings, to showcase the Lingnan literati’s contribution to a century of Hong Kong education.


Exhibition period:   30 September 2021–18 February 2022
Venue:   Exhibition Area, University Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Organizers:    Research Programme for Lingnan Culture of Institute of Chinese Studies and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library
Sponsors:   Bei Shan Tang Foundation, GS Charity Foundation