Shadowing Scheme for Secondary Students (SSeedS)


21 Dec 2020 - 31 Jul 2021


Ms. Karena Mak (3943 7203/9765 0980/
Miss Mandy Wu (3943 4798/5645 0452/

Event Details:

Co-organized with Caritas St. Joseph Secondary School (CSJSS), the Student Development and Resources Section, Office of Student Affairs, will launch a new program named “Shadowing Scheme for Secondary Students (SSeedS)” in 2021. SSeedS aims to provide an opportunity for CUHK students to:
1) serve the community as peer mentors;
2) introduce concepts of everyday leadership;
3) develop a service-mind set;
4) enhance students’ generic competencies of innovative problem solving, communication and teamwork through service learning; and
5) understand themselves, their team and help them flourishing; SSeedS also create a platform for members to practice how to be an everyday leader. Both SSeedS members (the peer mentors) and the secondary students can benefit through life on life interaction.