Modelling Individual Mobility Behaviours


19 Apr 2022


16:00 – 17:30 (UTC+8, HKT)




Dr. Laura Alessandretti, Assistant Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Biography of Speaker:

Dr. Alessandretti is an Assistant Professor in Modeling of Human Dynamics at the Technical University of Denmark and holds visiting positions at the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science and at Denmark Statistics. Dr. Alessandretti got PhD in Mathematics at City, University of London, and Master degree in Physics of Complex Systems at École normale supérieure de Lyon.


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Synopsis of Lecture:

From choosing a restaurant for dinner to deciding how to get there, spatial decisions are ubiquitous in human day-to-day lives. Taken together, these choices underlie critical societal phenomena, including the spread of epidemics, the emergence of traffic congestion, and urban segregation. In this talk, Dr. Alessandretti will present recent research that leverages high-resolution large-scale mobility data to understand the mechanisms underlying individual mobility. The talk will touch upon key aspects, such as the interplay between exploration and exploitation, the effect of cognitive constraints, the relation between social and spatial behavior, the effect of spatial scales, and differences across genders and age-groups.