Mascot Naming Contest


17 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021




Event Details:

This year, CUHK Art Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Recently, the winged animal with two antlers and a bifurcated tail on the museum’s logo came into life! It comes from a turquoise seal*, which is one of our collections. We believe that it is our mascot as it is comparable to a bronze animal with silver inlaid from the burial of the King of the Zhongshan State of the late Warring States period in Pingshan, Hebei, and also to tianlu and bixie, common tomb guarding divine and auspicious animals of the Han period.

We need to find a Chinese name and an English name for it. All of you are welcome to submit name suggestions! The recipient of The Best Chinese Name Award and The Best English Name Award will get 3 packs of our mascot’s red packets (20 pieces per pack).

*Learn more at the following site:


The Art Museum will contact the winners via email.

In case of any dispute, the Art Museum, CUHK reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.