Integrative Medicine Treatment in Eczema: A Pilot Service Program


18 Aug 2022 - 14 Nov 2022


Shatin – 4L, 4/F, Day Treatment Block, Prince of Wales Hospital

Wan Chai – Flat B, 1/F, Southorn Mansion, 1 Luard Road


2873 3100 (Shatin)/ 2873 3053 (Wan Chai)/ E-mail:  

(Please mention “Integrative Medicine Treatment for Eczema: A Pilot Service Program” when you call up).

Event Details:

Eczema is a common inflammatory skin disease. Eczema affects a wide range of people, regardless of age, gender and region, and has huge impacts on patient’s quality of life and general well-being. From Chinese medicine perspective, eczema is mentioned in many classics with different names like ‘sores’ that are related to various causes such as dampness and wind etc. In general, the clinical manifestation are as follows:

  1. Lesion features: Rashes are irregular in shape, including erythema, rashes, blisters and exudation
  2. Affected areas: The rash may occur on any parts of skin, usually happened to exposed parts and flexion parts, and it is often distributed symmetrically
  3. Subjective symptoms: often severe itching
  4. The course of the disease varies, often recurring and difficult to heal
  5. Common specific parts of eczema are: ears, hands, breasts, anus, scrotum, umbilical fossa, calves etc.


As for the etiology and pathogenesis of eczema, ancient Chinese medicine masters mostly believed that it was caused by external pathogens and dysfunction of internal organs. Modern Chinese medicine masters believe that eczema chiefly related to internal and external causes in which wind, dampness, heat are the main pathogenic factors, while spleen deficiency with dampness is the common internal cause. The acute and subacute stages are dominated by dampness and heat, which can be further categorized into heat-dominated or dampness-dominated pattern. For the cases of heat-dominated type, erythema and papules are the main symptoms, papules and vesicles may appear at the same time. For the cases of dampness-dominated types, papules and vesicles are predominant, we can observe erosion, exudation, erythema and papules too. In the chronic stage, blood deficiency and wind-dryness are the main pattern, and the rash appears as dark red in colour, rough, thick with small papules. Through Chinese medicine treatment, the patient’s body constitution could be improved, thereby reducing the chance and frequency of recurrence.  


In Western medicine aspects, eczema is caused by malfunctions of the immune system and skin barrier function. In addition, environmental factors such as changes in temperature and humid may trigger the flair up of eczema. As mentioned above, there are various types of eczema, and there are also different forms of eczema at different ages, locations and stages. To manage this disease more effectively and systematically, patients may be assessed for allergens in early stage to align the target for better management.   


Although Chinese medicine and western medicine play different roles in treating eczema, they are equally important. By teaming up the strengths of the two medical systems, the effectiveness of the treatment could be maximized, and patient’s quality of life could be improved. Every eczema patient’s condition is different, and individualized treatment plan designed by dermatologist and Chinese medicine practitioner is essential.     


If you are encountering these skin conditions, you are welcome to participate in “Integrative Medicine Treatment in Eczema: A pilot Service Program”. Participant will be arranged to meet with dermatologist for consultation to thoroughly understand the conditions of eczema and treatment plan, dermatologist may prescribe medication or ointment if necessarily. Appointment with Chinese medicine practitioner will be followed and through the four consultations of Chinese medicine (Inspection, Smelling, Listening and Inquiring, Palpation Diagnosis), Chinese medicine practitioner could identify the progresses of the disease and formulate treatment plan and lifestyle alteration. Chinese medicine practitioner will prescribe herbs or granules or acupuncture treatment according to the causes and disease stages of Eczema.


During the visit of the first three months joining the program, you can enjoy the following integrative medicine treatment services.



Dermatologist Assessment and Systemic Treatment Recommendations (medication cost will not be included)


Chinese Medicine General Consultation with 3 doses of Chinese herbal medicine


* Referral letter from the appointed dermatologist is required for the above Chinese medicine general consultation.

Participant may choose to take Chinese medicine general consultation (including 3 doses of herbal medicine) at $410/ visit


* Terms & Conditions:

  • This program only applies to the service provided by designated dermatologist and Chinese medicine practitioners in the Integrative Medical Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK.
  • This program is applicable to new patients only.
  • Medication cost is not included in Dermatologist Assessment and Systemic Treatment Recommendations.
  • The 3 doses of Chinese herbal medicine are in concentrated granules or herbal (internal intake) only, extra or precious Chinese Medicine cost are excluded.
  • Additional doses of Chinese Medicine granules /herbs are charged at $50 per dose (original price at $70), extra or precious Chinese Medicine cost are excluded.
  • The charges are applicable to “Integrative Medicine Treatment for Eczema: A Pilot Service Program” only. It cannot be used in conjunction with other program.
  • Integrative Medical Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK reserves the right of final decision.