I·CARE Theatre 2023-24 - "A City of Sadness"


20 Nov 2023


7:00 pm


Sir Run Run Shaw Hall


I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development
Student Experience and Development Section
Office of Student Affairs

Tel: 3943 8621

Event Details:


20 November 2023|7:00 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|
158 min|Category IIA|In Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese, with subtitles in Chinese and English|
Director: Hou Hsiao Hsien

Post-screening Discussion

20 November 2023|9:45 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|
Host: Dr. Li Mei-ting, Thomas Shin
Language: Cantonese

Synopsis of Lecture:

The year is 1945. The second world war has ended and so has Japan’s rule of Taiwan. But peace is short-lived because with a new regime comes new turmoil. The four sons of the Lin family have become unwitting witnesses to history through their own life stories. Wen-hsiung, the eldest son, supports his young family with a fledgling business. Wen-lung, the second brother, has not returned from the frontlines while the third brother Wen-liang survived the war, only to be severely traumatised. The youngest son, Wen-ching, is a photographer who became deaf-mute since he was small……

This film is the first film in Taiwan to touch upon the February 28 Incident – a taboo subject at the time of its release. The film caused a sensation in world cinema at the time and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


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