I·CARE Theatre 2021-22 - Drifting


16 Sep 2021


7:30 pm


Sir Run Run Shaw Hall


I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development
Tel: 3943 4702

Event Details:

Organised by this Centre and supported by The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre is presenting to you a fine selection of films again after suspending for one year and a half. Starting from September 2021, there will be a monthly screening of: Drifting by a young director and an alumnus of this University; There is No Evil, a reward winning movie produced in Iran; and Life is Fruity, a Japanese documentary.

Everyone seems to play a tiny role in the society, but could still manage to make an impact on others’ lives. Encountering inequality at work, would you stand up for others or follow the regulations and orders? When your job goes against your mission, would you choose to quit? Let’s check out the protagonists’ decision in these films.


16 September 2021|7:30 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|
113 min|Category III|In Cantonese, with subtitles in Chinese and English|
Director: Jun Li
Remarks: Only suitable for persons aged 18 or above

Synopsis of Lecture:

Post-screening Discussion

16 September 2021|9:35 pm|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|
Speaker: Mani Man (Executive Producer), Albert Poon (Production and Costume Designer)
Host: Prof. Eric Poon
Language: Cantonese



Under the flyovers of Sham Shui Po lived a group of down-and-outs. One winter night, the authorities cleared all their personal belongings while they were sleeping. Ms. Ho, a young social worker, helped them take to court to demand compensation for their losses. Could the homeless survive the winter under the chaotic flyovers before justice and compensation would have arrived?

This film is shortlisted in “Big Screen Competition” of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021.