How Information Flows from the World to China


16 May 2023


09:30-11:00 (UTC+8, HKT)




Prof. Jennifer Pan

Biography of Speaker:

Jennifer Pan is a Professor of Communication at Stanford University. Her research resides at the intersection of political communication, authoritarian politics, and computational social science. Her work has appeared in peer-reviewed publications such as Science, the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, and Journal of Politics.

Event Details:

In this talk, we examine whether and how information flows across national borders. By developing a semi-automated system that combines deep learning and human annotation to find co-occurring content across different social media platforms and languages, we identify inflows of information from the global information ecosystem into China. We find that approximately one-fourth of content with relevance for China that gains widespread public attention on Twitter makes its way to Weibo. Traditional media outlets play a dominant role in facilitating these inflows of information, but Weibo users without institutional affiliations are also an important mechanism for transmitting information into China.