HK SciFest 2023 - Are you rational?


1 Apr 2023




Dr. John Alexander WRIGHT

Biography of Speaker:

Lecturer of Department of Statistics, CUHK


For any enquiries, please contact Department of Statistic by email to

Event Details:

Dr John Wright of Department of Statistics, CUHK is going host an interesting and educational science talk on rationality of decision making and this will be one of the programmes in HK SciFest 2023 organized by the Hong Kong Science Museum.

You are all welcome to participate in the talk. You may refer to below for more information:

Are you rational?

Can we model how people make every-day decisions? Well, we have been trying since the 1700s and the research continues today. In this interactive lecture, we will test the rationality of your decision making and see how the surprising results matter to technologies like AI and Machine Learning.

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Medium of Presentation: English