Digital School Experiences at The British Museum


10 Nov 2022


ZOOM webinar


Sarah Saunders (Head of Learning and National Partnerships, The British Museum)

Sam Adamson (Education Manager, Samsung Digital Learning Programme, The British Museum)

Event Details:

Join Sarah Saunders, Head of Learning and National Partnerships and Sam Adamson, Education Manager, Samsung Digital Discovery Centre to discover the digital learning programmes at the British Museum. Through the use of mobile devices and other digital tools the Museum has developed playful and exciting ways to engage young audiences with culture and collections. Interactive Museum workshops in London and Virtual Visits delivered nationwide, have enabled visitors to engage with the British Museum like never before. The programme is award-winning and continually develops as the technology evolves. Learn about the partnership with Samsung and the creative process of developing experiences for children to explore the collection and discover the world’s history and cultures.

Synopsis of Lecture: