CUHK LAW Teaching and Learning Seminar Series – “Learning (to love) the Law" by Prof. Stephen Hall (Online)


22 Sep 2022


12:30pm – 2:00pm 


Online via Zoom


Prof. Stephen Hall, Professor, CUHK LAW

Event Details:

At first encounter, the law can seem daunting, if not overwhelming.

One discovers the large volume and technical novelty of the reading, the centuries of accumulated doctrine, the Latin (and sometimes French) maxims, the case law that seems to defy comprehension, legislation that appears to be drafted by and for non-humans, the equally persuasive or equally baffling arguments for opposing propositions, the seemingly arcane methods of reasoning and expression, and the antique costumes, rituals and modes of address. At the same time, one is increasingly haunted by a sense that law school is exceptionally competitive.

Don’t despair. Like you, the law exists for a definite purpose and possesses its own unique character. By understanding its purpose and getting to know its character we not only make the law our acquaintance, we can grow to love it.

Learning the law then becomes an entirely new adventure. Professor Stephen Hall will introduce you to your potential new best friend.


Language: English